Saturday, March 30, 2013

Butterflies Galore!

Okay, here is round 2 of my science addiction!  Stay tuned for round 3 coming soon!!  HINT: It has to do with eggs!

My first graders really loved our fun with butterflies!  It finally got warm enough to let them go this past week.  My daughter hated seeing them go!
But we still had fun!!

Last year I got the caterpillars from a local garden.  I ordered them this year and did the whole cup thing.  It worked a little better this year!
The students used a black and white version of this booklet to complete their worksheets and craftivities.
 Last year, the Botanical Gardens in Tucson gave us real samples of exotic butterfly wings and chrysalis'.  We used them to compare and contrast.  They really liked this.

 We passed the caterpillars around and documented our observations.

 Sequencing has been our focus this week and we combined that with art to make these life cycle books.

 My first graders loved watching the caterpillars change.  
They even watched them wiggle into a chrysalis.
I found some flowers to keep in the habitat.  They also would drink from the orange slices we gave them.  We had to wait 2 extra weeks before we let them go so they wouldn't freeze.
My daughter helped release them in our yard.  They loved the flowers blooming on our almond trees!
If you would like to do this with your students, you can grab my Butterfly Unit with all these activities and directions on getting you started.  Click the picture link below to see more.

Have a wonderful Easter with your family and friends!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

I admit that I am totally into science!  I love engaging students in fun activities and experiments.  Not only does it make it fun for the students, they begin to express their thought more in their writing. 
Since it is 80 degrees here in Arizona, we started planting our peas plants.  We used Erica Bohrer's Seed to Plant Unit for some of our observations and activities.

I ventured into the local Home Depot for some potting soil, containers, and seeds.  I thought peas looked entertaining.

These small pots come in a pack of about 30 and it was only $2

They begin to sprout!
 Now there are a few more sprouting and the students can begin to measure!

This observation booklet from Erica was great for the students to use to document the changing plants.

The students were getting excited over how many paperclips they were using to measure!

 We sequenced our plant experience with this writing booklet I created last year.  Click the link below to download.

Enjoy your week!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun with the Easter Bunny

I'm so ready for Spring Break next week!!  We have had 80 degree days and the kiddos are getting restless.  Thank goodness for my Easter/Spring Activities!  Here is one I quickly drew graphics and borders for then put it together. They really loved it!!  Some even added feet!
I work with ELL students so they need a lot of modeling.  I like to share the pen and do one together.  Then they independently write based on what we all came up with together.  They have become such great writers because of all the modeling.
Click on the picture link below to download.

My students have a routine during math.  We start our lessons with guided practice and when they are doing their independent practice, I hold interventions for those who struggle with the lesson.  While I hold the small groups, the other students will do math centers after they complete their work.  When I finish with the small groups, I go back and check student work for understanding.  This is a routine that works so well for me.
Here are some Spring games that are in our centers right now.  

                               You can find these centers on my TpT store by clicking the picture link below.

   Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Catching up on St. Patrick's Fun with Lots of Freebies!

I feel so bad for neglecting my poor blog for so long!  I unfortunately have had a lot of health issues this last month and have had so much to catch up on!  I wanted to share what we have been doing this week for St. Patrick's Day.  I guess it's better late than never.  And because I waited until today to share all this, I am giving away some of these activities and am also having a 20% off sale at my TpT store until Saturday, March 16th.

Okay, here goes.....  OUR TRAPS ARE SET!!  The kiddos did such a great job this year with these!  I have a group of ELL students and so they need lots of visual support so I showed them a few videos from You Tube.  Here is one of them.

Here's how they all turned out!

OMG!!  I just noticed this one..ha ha!  One of the kiddos is trying to kill the poor Leprechaun!!  Guess we'll just skip this one.. HA!

Here is what they will find in the morning!  The little notes will have a dull dirty penny for our experiment later in the afternoon!   

A fabulous friend of mine put together this Luring Leprechauns science experiment.  You turn dull pennies into shiny ones.  So Fun!!  CLICK HERE to grab it for your students

The students also had fun with Writing!  After they made their traps, they wrote about how they were going to catch their Leprechaun.

We also read "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover".  They made their own stories with it and they turned out great!

You can grab these writing activities and a few extras by CLICKING HERE.  Enjoy!

As they have been learning 2 digit addition and subtraction, and time, I also added these Math Center Games.

How many more is a game they use as they learn missing numbers.  If they need 12 and they only have 6, how many more do they need to get to 12?

This is a fun game as they are learning time.  They pick a time, then draw the hands on the Leprechaun

 The students are learning Place Value with 10 more and Less.  This is a bingo game where they uncover a number and then find the number that is 10 more or less on their Bingo Card.

Here is a Bingo Freebie with 2 digit addition and subtraction.  CLICK HERE to download.the 1 digit version.

All the other games are available on my Lucky Clover Math Centers.  Click the picture link below.

I added a new set of Easter/Spring graphics that are on sale as well!

I hope you all have had a wonderful week with your students!  Have a great weekend!