Thursday, June 27, 2013

Follow blogs in Bloglovin'

Happy summer to most of you now!  I've been laying low and really enjoying the time off with my family!  My daughter has learned to swim (thanks to  and now the attempt to get the training wheels off the bike!  My husband says..."Good luck with that one"  Oh well! In her own time I guess!

Not sure if you caught on to the whole Google Reader thing, but I guess Google is updating once again and Google Reader is said to be going away.  This means all the blogs you currently follow in Reader will no longer be there.  There is a way around it though.  You can sign up with Bloglovin and have all the blogs you follow uploaded there.  It was SUPER easy for me and I'm not the most tech savvy person on the planet.  BUT YOU NEED TO DO THIS BEFORE JULY 1st!!!  It may not transfer if Reader is gone already. 

Click the link below to continue following me in Blog Lovin!!



  1. I'm your newest follower! I found you through Ashley's Huge celebration! I hope you get lots of new friends this way!
    Second In Line

  2. Thanks for the beautiful graphic; I'm sharing it at the Corner tomorrow.