Friday, April 26, 2013

Science in Motion!

This post is a little shorter because I have been battling a cold but wanted to share what we did this week.  We get to spend the last few weeks of school learning about simple machines and famous inventors.  Can you believe the school year is almost over!!!  Oh, how the time has flown by!!  We have 4 weeks left and it is definitely showing with my students getting a bit C-R-A-Z-Y!!!  Behavior management is in full swing and my headache medicine is with me everyday!  Anyone else feeling like this?  In order to try to keep my own sanity, I have a few fun activities to keep my students actively engaged.

This week we learned about "Simple Machines".  Let's face it, simple machines can be a bit boring.  So I brought a few simple machines and activities to the students this week.

The Pulley Investigation

The students had to pull a bucket filled with heavy rocks with the pulley and without.  They had to predict which way would be easier before we went out to try.

They found out that the pulley was the easiest way to bring a bucket full of heavy rocks up.

Without the pulley

With the pulley

 We also investigated inertia.  This is when an object moves only as long as force is applied to them.  This is a great tool to use to explain why seat belts are so important!   Things don't move unless the force of stopping and going is applied.  We used my daughter's stuffed dog and the PE teacher's scooter to experiment with.

The wall was the force

I had the students ride in a wagon to feel the force when I pushed and stopped them quickly.

For those of you needing something fun and engaging towards the end of the year, my Science in Motion Mini Unit has all the activities here and a few more.  Click the link below to see more.


  1. This will definitely make simple machines more interesting next year! Thanks for sharing your unit. Feel better :)
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  2. I agree with Annie - Thanks for sharing!