Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun with the Easter Bunny

I'm so ready for Spring Break next week!!  We have had 80 degree days and the kiddos are getting restless.  Thank goodness for my Easter/Spring Activities!  Here is one I quickly drew graphics and borders for then put it together. They really loved it!!  Some even added feet!
I work with ELL students so they need a lot of modeling.  I like to share the pen and do one together.  Then they independently write based on what we all came up with together.  They have become such great writers because of all the modeling.
Click on the picture link below to download.

My students have a routine during math.  We start our lessons with guided practice and when they are doing their independent practice, I hold interventions for those who struggle with the lesson.  While I hold the small groups, the other students will do math centers after they complete their work.  When I finish with the small groups, I go back and check student work for understanding.  This is a routine that works so well for me.
Here are some Spring games that are in our centers right now.  

                               You can find these centers on my TpT store by clicking the picture link below.

   Have a great weekend!


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  2. Congratulations on your new arrivals! Seeing your unit and these pictures may just motivate me to attempt chicks next year! Thank you for sharing :)


    Three Cheers for First Grade!