Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fun with Book Clubs Henry and Mudge Style

Well, it's time again for my first graders to be introduced to chapter books through book clubs.  They are getting over the reading hump now that the holidays are over.  Now we are in the "Git R Done" mentality and fine tuning our reading skills before the school year comes to an end.  What better way than with the Henry and Mudge series!!

The kids have been learning about characters, setting, and main ideas in stories.  Now they will be getting jobs to identify these in longer stories.  With each book, there are 5 students with jobs to identify the character, setting, main idea, problem, and solution.

We hold our book clubs on Fridays and each group will have a different book. We rotate each week.  I introduce them to book clubs by doing "Henry and Mudge: The First Book" with them together.  After that the students alternate through 11 books total.  This is an 11 week lesson plan that the kids really love!!  It also helps them work together to understand what they read.

The students work on recording their answers to their "Jobs" on the worksheet and then do an independent worksheet by answering questions about the story.

We also had some fun with math to go with the Henry and Mudge theme.

The students are beginning to learn how to add 10 and subtract 10 from large numbers.  This is one of the games where students uncover a number under the dog, add or subtract ten, and then find the match.

This  is one of the games for adding 2 and 3 digit numbers BINGO style.

This is one of the fun games for students to learn to tell time to the hour and half hour.

For your literacy centers, this is one board game from a set of 18 with different phonics skills to choose from.

The students had fun writing about Mudge too!

For those of you interested in all the worksheets and activities, you can grab this unit by clicking the link below.  It will be 20% off  until Monday January 21st!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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  1. This looks funtastic! I love the idea of "book clubs" on Friday!! I want to implement this in my classroom!! I just placed this unit on my wish list! Thanks!!
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