Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week 13 Linky:: All about me

 This week we will be kicking off Teacher Week '13 over at Blog Hoppin.  The great thing is you can be a
 part of this too!  Every day this week there will be a teacher topic.  Today is "Meet the Teacher" and I'm linking up with 10 things about myself.  Boy was this hard given that I'm doing this with teachers far more interesting than I am!  Nevertheless, I S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D and came up with these!

#1  I'll start with my wonderful family!  My husband and I are both teachers and our daughter Olivia started 1st grade this year!  My husband is from Montana so fishing is what he grew up with.  Now my daughter LOVES it since she caught her first fish!  Yes, that fish is still alive because we just like to fish for fun here in southern Arizona:)

#2  It's hard to believe my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in a few months!  It has been an adventure for sure but well worth it!

#3  We have 3 pets in our household.  Our dog Chloe turned 13 this year, our cat PJ is now 8, and we have had the hamster, Nikki, for about 4 months.  We rescued our cat from some bushes in the middle of nowhere when he was only about 4 weeks old.  He weighed only 12 oz!!  He is such a sweet little guy!!

#4  I'm including a shout out for my wonderful grandmother, Kathy, because she's the inspiration behind a few hobbies I have.  My grandmother is in her 80's and still enjoys her wood carving!  She has taken a break this past year due to a hip surgery, but her carvings are still well loved in the art community!  Her last major piece was a meditation booth which is shown below.  It took so much detail to re-size her drawings to fit 14 large panels!  AMAZING!!

#5  This brings me to the table and chairs I found.  They were antiques from an old resort that someone just left at the home we bought 3 years ago.  They were in bad shape.  Since I'm a few miles from the Mexico border, I wanted to try to give them a southwest look.  I painted and reupholstered the chair.  With the helpful advice from my dad who has been a general contractor for 40 years, I tiled the table to match the chairs.  It was a lot of work but also a fun learning experience!

#6  Since the table and chairs, I decided to try something a little less physically challenging.  I love to draw!  And since I teach first graders, I loved the idea to create clip art graphics for my classroom!  So, I bought Adobe Illustrator and a Bamboo tablet and set to work.  It took me 6 months just to learn the program!  It is so much easier and faster to draw with paper and pencil!  But, it was well worth it!  I make scrap booking stuff for my family pictures and memories now.  This makes it all so much more personal.  I did add a few of the graphic sets I finished to my TpT store if they interest you:)
Big thanks to The Honey Bunch for putting my graphics on my new blog design!

#7  Something I haven't shared about my husband and I is that we did a documentary about wild horses who were being slaughtered and shipped out of the country.  It was illegal in the US at the time but a few slaughter houses were still running and claiming they were old horses needing to be put down.  That wasn't entirely and our documentary helped close 2 of the 3 slaughter houses here in the US.  We entered the documentary into some film festivals and 15 accepted our entry!  Santa Fe Film Festival was one of them. While we were there, someone from Cowboy's and Indian's magazine interviewed and took our picture.  I didn't even know we were in the magazine until 6 months later when our aunt sent it to us!  Since we have a daughter now, our documentary interests are put to the side.  We now make DVD's of our life story instead!

#8  My Neurologist put me on a Gluten free diet last year and I HATED it!  I had no idea that pretty much EVERYTHING has gluten!  Soy sauce, bread, dressings, and seasonings are just a few.  I had to read ingredients on everything just to find out if it was gluten free or not.  I finally just went with those labeled "gluten free".  Bread was the hardest to find.  Most tasted like dirt!  I FINALLY found one brand at Trader Joe's that I really like!  The brand is Udi and now many more grocery stores carry it.
I found THE BEST gluten free brownie bites the other day!  I keep them readily available in my classroom!! LOL

#9  When we bought our home a few years ago, we had no idea we had almond trees!  They never produced any until last year.  June and July are when they are ready and my daughter loves to help pick and eat them.  They do take forever to peel but they taste great!!

#10  And finally, I became a night owl over the summer and discovered the funniest show!  Anyone watch Hollywood Game Night?  If not, it is one worth staying up for!

Now it's your turn!  Tell us about yourself and link up this week at Blog Hoppin!  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Follow blogs in Bloglovin'

Happy summer to most of you now!  I've been laying low and really enjoying the time off with my family!  My daughter has learned to swim (thanks to  and now the attempt to get the training wheels off the bike!  My husband says..."Good luck with that one"  Oh well! In her own time I guess!

Not sure if you caught on to the whole Google Reader thing, but I guess Google is updating once again and Google Reader is said to be going away.  This means all the blogs you currently follow in Reader will no longer be there.  There is a way around it though.  You can sign up with Bloglovin and have all the blogs you follow uploaded there.  It was SUPER easy for me and I'm not the most tech savvy person on the planet.  BUT YOU NEED TO DO THIS BEFORE JULY 1st!!!  It may not transfer if Reader is gone already. 

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

And That's A Wrap!! {Freebies}

I am so excited that our summer vacation has officially begun!  And what a fun week this was!!  Here is a quick peek of things we did during our last days of school.

Reader's Theater: Three Billy Goats Gruff
I love saving this play for the last week of school.  The students are such great readers by this time and they have lots of fun with these kinds of activities!

Click the link below to see all the masks available for Readers Theater.

Wacky Science
We had a half day of fun science experiments with the students using Jamie Woodward's Wacky Science Unit!  We blew up balloons, made slime, pierced bags with pencils full of water, and much more!

 Inflate -A-Balloon

Wacky Slime

Piercing Pencils

Click the link below for more on this science unit.

End of Year Posters
My students wanted something to remember their first grade year besides a memory book so I made these for the students to take home and frame if they wanted to.  The pictures were of students holding a frame with a tag that said "Last Day of School".  I took a picture of the class and attached it below.

Click the link below to download the K-5 versions.  There are also versions for 2013-2014 school year.

Student/teacher gifts
I LOVE Pinterest!  Here are a few student gift ideas I found.
Click the pictures to use for your class!

I will miss you Beary much!
These are cute tags from "What's the Buzz in First" 

"Owl Miss You!  Hope you have a great summer!"
These were so cute and fun to do!

I'm saving the best for last!
My baby girl graduated from Kindergarten this week! {Sniff}  We will also be celebrating her 6th birthday!  Both these events fell on the same day!  I was knee deep in end of year activities and clean up, birthday planning, and graduation celebrations!  I am one tired Mama!!


My room is now ready for summer cleaning and I'm going home!!
Have a wonderful end to your school year and a great summer!

Monday, May 6, 2013

End of Year Memories and a Sale!

I don't know about you, but we are on the official countdown with 2 weeks left!!! We already have plane reservations for the family and home remodeling scheduled to begin June 1st!  I think my plate is going to be pretty full!!  The kids worked hard and I am very happy with how they are ending the year.....a little on the hyper side at times though!
Let's face it, we as teachers have worked our TAILS OFF and are in need of some great resources to get us through the hardest times...the beginning and the end of the school year.  I'm already stocking up for August and for the last few weeks of school. 
The teacher appreciation sale is on at TpT so be sure to stop by for up to 28% off some awesome resources that will save you what you need the most....time!

Also, if you are looking for End of the Year activities, this is a memory book I'm using with my students again this year.  Just click the link below to download.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Science in Motion!

This post is a little shorter because I have been battling a cold but wanted to share what we did this week.  We get to spend the last few weeks of school learning about simple machines and famous inventors.  Can you believe the school year is almost over!!!  Oh, how the time has flown by!!  We have 4 weeks left and it is definitely showing with my students getting a bit C-R-A-Z-Y!!!  Behavior management is in full swing and my headache medicine is with me everyday!  Anyone else feeling like this?  In order to try to keep my own sanity, I have a few fun activities to keep my students actively engaged.

This week we learned about "Simple Machines".  Let's face it, simple machines can be a bit boring.  So I brought a few simple machines and activities to the students this week.

The Pulley Investigation

The students had to pull a bucket filled with heavy rocks with the pulley and without.  They had to predict which way would be easier before we went out to try.

They found out that the pulley was the easiest way to bring a bucket full of heavy rocks up.

Without the pulley

With the pulley

 We also investigated inertia.  This is when an object moves only as long as force is applied to them.  This is a great tool to use to explain why seat belts are so important!   Things don't move unless the force of stopping and going is applied.  We used my daughter's stuffed dog and the PE teacher's scooter to experiment with.

The wall was the force

I had the students ride in a wagon to feel the force when I pushed and stopped them quickly.

For those of you needing something fun and engaging towards the end of the year, my Science in Motion Mini Unit has all the activities here and a few more.  Click the link below to see more.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Incubation Station - The Chicks Have Arrived!

Remember I told you round 3 of my science obsession was coming soon?  Well......
Our chicks have finally arrived and are growing fast!! We started our chicken life cycle unit 6 weeks ago and this was one of my most educational experiences yet!  My classroom was FULL every morning before and after school with kiddos coming to see our first babies arrive!  I am attaching lots of pictures so get ready!

I surprised my students with eggs in March.  They went on Spring Break and then came back with only a week left before they hatched.  I planned it that way so they wouldn't lose interest waiting 21 days!

The chicks need to stay warm after hatching so they spent 3 more weeks under a heat lamp.  They needed to get feathers first.  My daughter named them right away.  The first one she called "Chickadee", and the second one."Hamburger".  I guess they looked like hamburger when they first hatched..LOL!  We had 4 total hatch out of 12.

Here is a short video clip of the first chick who hatched:

They hatched on day 20 and 21.  By day 23, I broke the rest open to show the students that they hadn't been fertilized.

We started an observation journal a few days before they hatched.  They loved this part of the day because they could observe them and write about how they changed each day.  And boy do they!  One week later, they were already trying to fly!


They are growing up! Sniff!

I have feathers now!

We did a little comparing with chickens and ducks.  We put together a Venn Diagram to show our learning.  They made chickens and ducks to go with it.

If any of you have been thinking of hatching eggs with your students, I highly recommend it!  They will love it!  
Here is my Incubation Station Math and Literacy Unit.  It has 141 pages of fun!  It has detailed instructions on getting you started with hatching eggs and the activities are differentiated for the primary grades K-2.  Just click the picture links to see more.  It will be 20% off today only!

Happy Spring and Happy Hatching!