Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reading Street and a Freebie

I know some of you are and some may not be using the Reading Street program, but we have to in our district.  I actually don't mind it now because of all the progress the students are making!  As with any program, we find ourselves wanting to make things more interesting, fun, and of course, cute!  Last year I spent a lot of my time organizing ways to assess my students with the 190+ words they need to be able to read by the end of First Grade.  I made word cards to go with every unit AND every week.  Each one is labeled according to the weekly story and has a different color and picture to go with the stories.  This is on sale in my TpT store until midnight tomorrow.  Click the picture link below.

Our first 2 weeks of school have been Kinder review with letters, sounds, and High Frequency Sight words.  I have started introducing our Daily 5 centers this week and we are now learning Word Work.  Here are a few of the games we are playing and a FREEBIE!

Sight Word Matching Freebie

Click the picture link below to grab a copy for yourself

I work with English Language Learners so I really try to find ways to incorporate language practice with the words they are learning.  They might be able to read the words, but do they understand how they are used in sentences?  I have added these new sight word sentence cards to my TpT store.  I use them with the Connect 4 game.  The students read a sentence card, then take a turn.  I also post them around the room and students will use them in the Writing Center as well.  They are on sale until midnight tomorrow so CLICK HERE to download.


  1. Stacy,
    I can't seem to find the first grade set of word cards for each story. When I click on the picture at the beginning of this post it takes me to a free item on TPT. I am interested in purchasing this as I use Reading Street. Thanks! Liz

    1. Sorry about that. I accidentally linked my freebie twice. It works now:)