Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beginning Sounds Clip Art and another Freebie

Why does it seem like every year gets busier and busier?  Oh ya, it's only week 4 for my new school year!  I have been making new clip art sets to use in games for my ELL kiddos.  I have 22 total students and many of them are still learning the language.  Here is the newest set: Beginning Sounds.  I am working on CVC and Long Vowel sets too.  I will post those as soon as they are finished. CLICK HERE to download the beginning sounds set.

My students are working on sentence structure and I had someone request these Punctuation Heroes for their second grade group.  Just shrink them down and add them to Popsicle sticks for your students to use  as they are editing their work.  They can also be used on your bulletin boards as well. 

Click the picture link below to grab this freebie for your class!

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  1. Love the new clip art. It really does seem like every year gets busier and busier! You're 4 weeks in already?! Wow! This is my first week and it's so exhausting!

    Rowdy in First Grade