Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to School Pirate Style

My first week of school is almost over and I am so glad!!  I can't wait for my new Firsties to become more independent and familiar with all our classroom routines!  We get so spoiled with our end of the year first graders and wish the new group could be just like them coming in....well...some of them anyway (hee hee).
How many of you have done a classroom theme every year?  I like changing things up a bit each year so it is different every time, but I decided to keep something that really worked for me last year, Pirates!  I have enough challenges this year with 22 ELL students, 4 of which do not speak any English or very little.  So I am trying to make this year as simple as I can.  I really loved the Pirate Theme last year so I am doing it again.  I changed my room around but am using the same theme and a few of the same activities, but some activities are new this year.  I have just added "Back to School Pirate Style" to my TpT store.  It not only has writing activities/glyphs and math center games, there are also items to decorate your classroom with.  Click the link below to download for yourself!  I hope you all have a wonderful start to your new year!!

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