Sunday, June 24, 2012

I''m Finally Back and so is Pete !

What is my excuse for being out of the blogging loop for almost a month you ask?  Hmmmm.......well, I have my daughter and husband to thank for that one.  I had to make a promise to refrain from this school year obsession for family fun in the sun.  Well worth it!!!  We still have another beach trip planned in 2 weeks!  I have also been teaching my daughter to swim and she is doing GREAT!!!  My mom taught me when I was little and I think it is important to keep that tradition going with my family!
Well, June is almost over which means August is creeping up fast.  Although I am excited about the new school year, I do admit I'm having a wonderful, relaxing summer break!!

My students Love, Love Pete the Cat!  He made us laugh with his awesome shoes and he showed us how to rock out at school, he introduces subtraction with his  buttons.....but wait, there's more!  Pete the Cat Saves Christmas!  You can pre-order this book and have it shipped/delivered on the September 25th release date.  The picture links below take you to Amazon for easy purchasing of these Pete the Cat books.

Enjoy the rest of your summer break!!!