Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Right To Brag A Little...

Okay, I don't know which is worse, my house disaster or the classroom disaster.  I am officially on the countdown!  Our last day is Friday and I have not done one thing to prepare my classroom for the transition.  My focus is on my daughter's 5th birthday party Monday!  Yes, she is an end of the school year baby so every year is a super busy one!  She is super excited and we are surprising her with Sea World when the week is finished!  We live in Arizona and the 100 degree heat is back.  Any place with water would be fine with me. 
My daughter turning 5 is brag #1.  Brag #2 is being a proud teacher of the hard work my students showed this year.  My class was a mix of half English Language Learners and the other half English Proficient.  Our school uses DIBELS to assess our students in Reading and this test has become a big deal for my students.  They all wanted to reach 100 words per minute by the end even though the goal for First Grade is 47.  Most of the students were only reading 10-35 words per minute in December.  By May, I had all but 3 students reading 60+ words per minute.  Most were in the 70-100 range.  It just made me feel so good that they strive for such high goals at 6-7 years old!  I made them all special certificates and held a small ceremony to honor all of them for their Reading accomplishments.  Of course, my camera battery  Here are the certificates and some of the ones they will be getting as they leave Friday.  I'll be sure my camera has batteries this time..hee hee
You can download them all from my TpT store.  They are for Kinder-Second with different designs.  The Reading certificates are for both girls and boys.

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  1. Super cute Bragging Certificates! I'm always thinking the same thing - it's AMAZING what the little ones learn in a year. Found you from the blog award - come visit me too :)

    Tangled with Teaching