Monday, April 23, 2012

Science in Motion

It has been a crazy last few weeks for me!  Last week had big time illness, not just for myself, but for my first graders as well.  In fact, last week I averaged 9-10 students daily out of 26!  Wowsers!  Talk about A Great Classroom Plague!  All seems back to normal this week though!  I have most of my students back so far!

Since a lot has been happening besides the Great Plague, I wanted to share a bit of it with you.  We are learning about Simple Machines this week (levers, pulleys,etc.) and to make it more entertaining, I am throwing a few investigations in the mix.  My students LOVE science, especially experiments!

We started with "The Great Pulley Investigation".  How can the students get a heavy bucket to their buddies high up?  They tried 3 different ways and finally found the easiest - with a pulley!  Here are some pics!

We also learned about Inertia: When an object is in motion, it stays in motion until something makes it stop.
We made Zoomers to experiment with!

  There's still more we will be doing the rest of the week.  This is a great addition as the year slowly comes to an end!  It is really keeping my students engaged and focused!  I have uploaded this Mini Unit on my TpT store if you would like to download it for your students.  Enjoy!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Need a little tax relief?

If you are like me, you are feeling like this right about now.  Well, this afternoon I did.  Yes, I'll admit, I am one of THOSE!  Just got my taxes e-filed today!  Good news is that I am getting $$$ back!  Time for me to head over to TpT and take advantage of some sales!  Stop by my store and grab 15% off everything until Monday!  Just click the picture link below.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tippy-Toe Chick Go Freebie!

We just finished our Reading Street story, Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!  It was a great addition to our Easter week!  Our theme was Clever Ideas so the students were Problem Solving Detectives during writing!  I had some writing activities in their centers they were really excitied about.

I added Read and Write the room with the ending -le and vowel pattern -ow
The students played a game with these skills in word work.

Please enjoy all of this for free by clicking the link below.  Enjoy!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Little Easter This and Spring That - 24 Hour Giveaway!

I have just let out a sigh of relief that this school day is finally over!  We had only 3 days to cram in almost a weeks worth of Spring fun!  Tomorrow we have an ELL exam to take most of the day.  Whoever in this district decided on an end of the year exam right before a holiday needs a pleasant reminder that the last thing on 6-7 year old minds is a test!  This week was so much fun, but tiring too!  And still more to come with out of town guests and housework to get done!  Thank goodness we have a 4 day weekend! 

I started the week with my daughter's Preschool Family Project!  We made her Easter Basket!  Like the wet hair?  It took a while to dry so I took her picture with it after her bath....who says you can't multi task, right?

We did a lot with Measurement and Time this week!  One of the great things about having a little one at home is the fact that there are gobs of choices for items to measure in her room!  I raided her toy box when she wasn't looking and took a few of those items to school for my students to use.
What's in the Egg?  I filled a few recycled gift bags with 6 toy items and slapped an egg on the outside.  I loved Deanna Jumps Dinosaur unit with the Paper Mache egg, but I figured this was a bit easier.

How Many Cubes Long?  The students measured and compared the items with cubes.

     How many straws long?
Measuring the Room with Straws!  This was the favorite for my students!  They even measured me!

 The students enjoyed the Math Centers with Time.  We even played a version of scoot with clocks.  I have a wonderful friend and co-worker who finished an awesome unit called Clever Chicks and it had this game in it!

I also learned of a new and super cute book from this unit called Chick-n-Pug by Jennifer Sattler.  This went great with our weekly story, Tippy -Toe Chick, Go by George Shannon.  My kids were laughing hard!  We compared and contrasted the two stories and documented the results on a Venn Diagram.  Then we made Chick and Super Pug Glyphs to go with that and our writing!
We did a little experimenting with Gummy Worms today!  This went perfectly with our measurement unit too!  The students predicted what would happen to the worm if they put it in water.  Some of their predictions were funny!

We measured the worms first, then let them sit in water for 2 hours.  When they came back, they were fat and slippery.  They even had trouble holding them so they had to just measure while they were still in the containers.

We ended our day today with following a recipe to make chick cookies and an Easter egg hunt!

My friend Jamie has a super cute blog called Oh First Grade Friends!  Hop over and check her out!  If you become a follower of her blog and leave a comment that you are following her and me, we will give both these units away to 3 lucky winners tomorrow!


Happy Easter!!