Friday, March 2, 2012

Literacy Center Games with Pop the Pig

Need more Literacy game ideas for your centers?  I didn't have to introduce the rules of this game to my students.  All I did was show the pig and they all lit up and shouted, "Yay!  Pop the Pig!!"  It's always hard as teachers to find ways to keep our students engaged and on task during their center time.  I created word cards to go with this game and it can be used all year because it has cards with most of the phonics skills taught in First Grade; short vowels, long vowel silent e, long vowel chunks, digraphs, dipthongs, and other vowel chunks.  There are 19 games total which come in handy for my struggling readers as well.  I can have them use past skills while the others use skills we are currently doing.

After each game, the students write the words they used and practice writing sentences for each word.

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