Saturday, March 17, 2012

Henry and Mudge and a Spring Sale!!

I finally finished and posted my Henry and Mudge Math and Literacy Activities on Teachers pay Teachers!  And it is 20% off along with everything in my store right now! 
Our Henry and Mudge week was a lot of fun because my students were introduced to Book Clubs (aka Literacy Circles).  I purchased 6 Henry and Mudge chapter books from Amazon.  These books are a great intro to chapter books.  They are easy for them to read this late in the school year.  It also prepares them for what's ahead in Second Grade.  We are planning to continue our Henry and Mudge Book Clubs for the next couple of weeks following our Spring Break.  Here's how they work.

I intoduced the clubs as a whole group with Henry and Mudge: The First Book.  There are 5 jobs for the students to choose from so I picked 5 students to have a job: Characters, Setting, Main Idea, Problem, and Solution.  When we finished reading the book, we "Shared the Pen" and had the students with jobs write on the worksheet.  Then all the students answered questions about the story on an independent worksheet.  When we did our first book club with the student groups, they were able to choose from 5 different books with worksheets for each book.  They really liked it and didn't need a lot of help!

Mudge Glyph
We were learning about Adjectives that compare and using words with -er and -est.  The students made their dog Mudge and compared it to another dog using words with -er and -est.

You can download these literacy activities plus Henry and Mudge Math games by clicking the picture link below.


  1. I just bought this and can't wait to use it later this year after we are done with our reading series. I might start this with my high readers. This looks wonderful and at such a great price!!

    Mrs. K's Munchkins

  2. I am so glad you can use it! I was surprised that even my medium level kiddos were able to read and keep up!

  3. What level of kiddos is this good for. I have some really low ones, but then some really high ones. How many copies of each book do you have?

  4. I mix the reading levels up so some could help others when needed. I have one different book for each group (5 groups total), then will rotate the books every week. If your kids can read at least 30 words a minute (like on Dibels), then they should do fine when grouped with a few higher ones. That's how it worked for me:) Hope this helps!

  5. I just discovered your blog! I'm your newest follower and can't wait to explore!

    Sweet Seconds