Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Kick Off Week: Day 2

The students are really enjoying this week and all the different activities we are doing to celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day.  We follow the Reading Street program and happen to be in Unit 4 which talks about Treasures.  This goes perfect with our story of the week and our math lessons this week.

Today the students made "Treasure Boxes" during Writer's Workshop.  They brainstormed things from their past or special surprises that meant a lot to them and will always be remembered.  Some of the ideas were past vacations, special surprises from their parents, a friend at school, etc...  CLICK HERE for a free download of this writing activity.

In Math they were introduced to "Greater Than" and "Less Than" with crocodiles.  This is a great visual to learn the symbols.  The crocodile always eats the bigger numbers.  So if the larger number is to the right, the symbol faces that way to look like it's eating the number.  Vice Versa for the number is to the left.  This activity can be downloaded from my Valentine's Unit.

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  1. This looks like a really cute idea! Glad your class is having a great week!