Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Kick Off Week: Day 1

Since Valentine's is next Tuesday and we only have 2 full days next week due to Parent Conferences, we are getting our Valentine's Week started a little early this year.  I will be posting our activities this week just in case you want to add them to your list of activities.


  Today the students made their Buddy Boxes.  When the students come into the classroom from recess or have finished their seatwork, they can fill out a buddy note to put in someone's buddy box.  I encourage them to just write notes to let others know they are appreciated and someone cares about them.  I also encourage apologies in the event someone had their feelings hurt or if someone wasn't being very nice.
CLICK HERE to download your free buddy boxes

 The students have been  learning place value and will start the introduction to double digit additon this week.  This is one of our Math Center activities that you can find in my Valentine's Unit: The Kiss Box

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