Monday, February 13, 2012

Free Last Minute Valentine Activity

Anyone needing last minute math activities that don't take a long time to prepare for Valentine's Day tomorrow?  Here is a free  activity I call Valentine Estimation Station.  I like that it is doesn't take long to prepare or do in class.  All you need are small clear cups and a few bags of the Valentine M & M's.

I only fill in up to 70 or 80 m & m's so they can estimate and count smaller amounts.

Working in small groups or partners, the students start out by making a guess on how many m&m's are in their cup and write it in the top jar.  Then they count them using the tens and ones mat.  After they count how many are really in their cup, they fill in the number in the bottom jar.  Last they sort them by colors and fill in the color graph.

The students have been learning place value so this is a great mat to use when counting.  They start by filling in the tens and then fill in the ones with the left overs.  They count them by 10's and 1's when finished.

Click the Heart to download


  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing. I am glad that I found this in time because my hubby just bought a pack of these M&M's.

  2. Very cute! Just pinned it. Thanks!