Sunday, January 29, 2012

Organizing your Math Stations

Wow!  I don't think I have gone this long without posting something about what's going on in my classroom.  I had this little thing called "life" smack me right in the face these last few weeks.  Boy, when it decides to hit, it will knock you down sometimes!  I have to realize that I am not super woman and just have to put things aside for the more important things in life.  I am sure many of you can relate!

Organizing your Math Stations

I wanted to share this awesome idea I copied from one of the other First Grade teachers I work with.  Math Center Stations in cubbies!  I have my class broken up into 5 groups for Math centers because I have 26 students.  Yes, you heard right, 26!!  I have 5 of the same game for each group horizontally across each row of cubbies.  Then the students in each group will have a row vertically with 5 different games to choose from.  The games can be easily changed out without a huge amount of time taken from your planning time!
The reason I have these stations is to be able to hold small groups for students struggling with the math concepts we are learning while the others stay on task with the extra math practice.  It also helps with those speedy students who get finished before anyone else and encourages the ones who take their sweet time to finish more quickly.  No centers until work is completed and accurate.

Changing the subject.......

We have a Chrysalis (well, two actually)!!!

We have been pretty busy with our Butterflies!  We have been taking care of and studying them for 2 weeks now and a few have turned into a Chrysalis!  I will update you as things continue to change with these little guys!

Have a great week!!


  1. I like the cubbies for math...I just don't have
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I understand not having cubbies. I was lucky that there was an extra one in storage. I've seen IKEA with "shoe cubbies" and I've seen them at as well.

  3. I like the cubbies for math stations. I have baskets for each group right now but it takes up a lot of room. I may be using this next year!
    Lesson plans & Lattes

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