Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sharing a Few Great Pinterest Finds!

Okay, I have procrastinated in getting Pinerest going for myself and, now that I have, I can't pry myself away!!  Anyone else feel that way??  It makes my life a little more organized when it comes to needing great ideas all in one stop!

Here are some of the many great Pinterest finds that I wanted to share with you!

From Shelley Gray at Teaching in the Early Years
Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Students
(Click Picture Link)

From Rachelle at What the Teacher Wants (via her friend You Can Make the Sun Shine Anytime)

The Grinch Behavior Management
(Click Picture Link)

Also from Rachelle via The First Grade Parade  
Elf Application
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(Free TpT product) Christmas Word Problems From Runde's Room
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 From She Wears Flowers
PVC Pipe Puppet Theater
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  1. I was slow on the uptake too but now I am addicted!!! I'm following you! My pin button is on my blog if you want to follow me.
    FInally in First

  2. Thanks Jenn! You have a cute board and I follow you now too!