Sunday, December 4, 2011

Loving a Little Sunshine on such a COLD day!!

I was surprised and excited about being nominated by 2 fellow bloggers for the Sunshine Award!  Thank you Christine at Hopping into First Grade and Rebecca at Teaching First!!

I was told there are rules of accepting this award so here they are:

The person who awarded you, blog about it, answer the questions, and then pass the award on to 10-12 bloggers, letting them know you awarded them the Sunshine Award.
  • Favorite color: Hmmmm, I'd have to say purple.  Why?  I hadn't really thought about
  • Favorite animal: White tigers!  I have lots of pictures and have a very large white tiger stuffed animal at home for my daughter as well!
  • Favorite number: 18 because what teenager can't wait to turn that age (even though I turned 18, 18 years ago...YIKES!
  • Favorite drink: Fat Tire (especially after a long week of teaching ..ha ha)
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook (haven't looked into the Twitter thing yet)
  • Passions: drawing, cooking, building projects, and my adorable 4 year old and husband too!
  • Favorite day: Friday...TGIF yippee
  • Favorite flowers: Tulips and daisies
Here are only a few of the awesome blogs I'd like to share and pass this award on to.  I am passing them on in no particular order.

Denise at Sunny Days
Michelle at Fabulous in First
Erin and Leslie at First Grade Fanatics
The Pixie Chicks at Frogs, Bees, Under the Seas

Thank you all so much for taking the time to visit me and things I try to share from one classroom to another!

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