Sunday, November 27, 2011

Math and Literacy Centers - Holiday Edition!

I am so ready for the Winter Break!!  Thank goodness I finally finished my Math and Literacy Centers Holiday Edition to keep my students engaged until the break!  These new products have been added to my Teacher store!  And just in time for the huge Cyber Monday Sale going on at Teachers Pay Teachers!  Hundreds of teachers have their products on sale!  My 20% off sale ends Tuesday but you can only get the additional 10% on Monday!

The Literacy Edition has 6 Word Work games with Long Vowels, Nonsense and Real Words. and inflected endings. There are also 5 writing prompts for writing centers and a whole group writing activity with The Gingerbread Cowboy.

The Math Edition has 5 games that include place value, addition and subtraction, and doubles.

Click the links below to shop these items on sale at Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) and don't forget the promo code CMS28 when you check out!  Happy Holidays!!!

Math Centers: Holiday Edition

Literacy Centers: Holiday Edition


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas on this wonderful blog! I want to share the Sunshine Award with you! Check out my blog for the award button and the rules. Happy Monday!


  2. Thank you Christine for sharing this award with me!