Friday, November 4, 2011

Black Friday!

That insane day called "Black Friday" is just around the corner!  Alarm clocks set to go off at a ridiculous hour, people camped out at the malls to be the first through the door, and the overall mad dashes to find the best deals for the holidays.  Well, because October flew by so fast, I thought I would start the shopping trend early this year!   My Black Friday Sale begins today! Stop by my Teachers Pay Teachers store  for 20% off all my products including a few new ones!  Sale ends Monday! 

Since we live in Southern Arizona, we don't get the beautiful fall colors like most of you all might.  So, I tried to bring as much of it to my students as possible.  Here is a quick glance of what kinds of things we did with my new math and literacy unit "Why Do Leaves Change Color".

This was a very kid friendly book and my studnets really enjoyed it! 

I started them out thinking about what they already knew about leaves and why they might change.  Then we came back to our chart after we learned a little more.

The students are finishing their tree glyphs like this one to hang around the classroom.

For more on this unit and more, click on the link below!


  1. Well I follow your blog for great ideas the least I could do is to pay back with a box of leaves. When I lived in California my mother-in-law would send me leaves from Maine. Now that I live in Maine with my family I would love to send you a box of colored leaves from 1 first grade class to another? Would you be interested in that?

    Let me know

  2. That is so SWEET of you!! My students would LOVE IT!!!