Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh So Clever!

I love it when I find a blog with several clever ideas, so I wanted to bring the same idea to you!  As a busy mom, wife, and teacher, I can't seem to find the time to look through all the fabulous blogs I follow.  We're talking 100's!!!
Since I am home with my daughter who is sick and napping today, I was able to spend the majority of my day online...I know...GEEK!  But it was FUN!! 
You may have already seen these, but here are a few items I thought were "Oh So Clever" and wanted to share with you!  Happy Thursday!!

Painted alphabet and number rocks from Mrs. Patton's Patch

Rain Gutter Book Shelves from Raising Olives
Go to this site and it has a tutorial on how to make these.  I will have a new project in my daughter's room this weekend!

Crate Seats
I have seen this idea on a few other blogs, but dang it if I can remember where!  If anyone knows of others, please post it as a comment so I don't leave anyone else out! With how busy my life is right now, I may have to hold off on this project until this summer (hee hee)

I found this one on Mrs. Nelson's First Grade web site

I found this one on Frogs Bees & Under the Seas.

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