Friday, September 2, 2011

First Grade Farm Fun!!

Boy has it been a busy week for me and my first grade group!  Our theme of the week was “How can people help animals?”  I used my product “First Grade Farm Fun” to go with this theme.  My students were learning Short Vowel /i/, what Realism and Fantasy is, how to identify Nouns in a sentence, how vets and people can help animals, and addition.

I introduced a game I made for our Word Work center that goes with short i.  The players roll the di and move their game piece.  If they can read the short i word, they can stay.  If they can’t read it they lose a turn.

I introduced Realism and Fantasy with a story I wrote called “Farm Animals to the Rescue”.  What was “real” was that a vet can really help animals.  What was “fantasy” was that the animals can’t really talk.

Here was a worksheet I made for the students to identify nouns that went with the story I wrote.  Then they unscrambled sentences.  This was great for my Writing Center!

The students made cats and dogs in writing to tell how you can help animals and how vets help animals.  We made a T-chart with a list of how vets can help and how people can help.

For math, my students played a bingo game.  I used it to identify numbers to 20 and adding 2 numbers up to twenty.  I let the students have extra counters to use to add the larger numbers.

Last we did an activity to tell why pigs love mud.  I got this very cute activity from Deanna Jump's Simple Science Volume 1  We made mud with instant chocolate pudding mix and milk.  Then I used a pink marshmellow for the pig nose.  It was a lot of fun!!

All this and more is available for you too if you  would like to use it with your class.
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