Wednesday, August 3, 2011

20% TPT Sale and Introducing Pete The Cat as "Pete The Pirate"

It's Back to School and CRUNCH TIME!  My little ones will be visiting our classrooms Friday!  Wowsers!  In honor of this celebration I am having my first Tpt sale!  Enjoy 20% off all my products until Sunday! 

As you probably know, I am having loads of fun with the Pirate Theme so I decided to bring Pete the Cat into the mix.  Inspired by the books, I decided to write and illustrate a story about Pete the Pirate who loves following school rules in his Pirate Boots!  I am going to be using this as just one of many back to school activities with my first graders.  Enjoy it yourself at 20% off as well!
                                                        Check Out Pete The Pirate!


  1. I can't find pete the pirate on TPT?

  2. The authors of Pete the Cat have issued a cease and desist so all TpT sellers had to remove anything Pete the Cat related. So sorry, but had to remove it last month. You can grab my "Back to School Pirate Style" which have some of the activities from this unit.
    Here is the link