Monday, July 25, 2011

Pirate Themed Classroom for Free! Here's How!

This past week I have been cleaning and organizing like crazy and I'm STILL NOT DONE!  I am having fun with this whole pirate theme and I wanted to share how I ended up with most of this FREE!  I was a grant writer at my school and wrote and received a few including a field trip grant from Target and other donations.  I entered our school into the Pepsi Refresh Project and was featured on a local news story, didn't end up winning, but came in 42nd out of 1,100 nationwide.  I decided to search for more ways to get donations for my classroom.  Walmart has funded about $200 worth of gift cards for me to purchase much needed items for my classroom including a colored printer and ink for all these cute ideas I purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers, fabric for my bulletin boards and to make hanging chair pockets, and a shelf for my Math Centers.  Here's how:  Call your local Walmart and ask for the Events Coordinator (or someone in charge of donations).  Tell them what you are in need of and they will ask you to come in to apply or just bring in a typed letter on your school's letterhead.  It was super easy!
Another great place for donations is Home Depot!  If you are wanting shelves, paint, PVC pipe for those great literacy phones all you need to do is go in with a letter telling what you are in need of on your school's letterhead and they will give you what you need.  I was able to paint some bookshelves and build this awesome tree that Mrs. Jump shared.  I even had enough for 5 more trees so I gave them to other teachers at my school.

Here is more with the Pirate Theme!

 After I meet the students and take their pictures, I will put their faces on the Pirate clip art

I didn't go total overboard on Pirate Theme. 

And finally, my daughter having too much fun with me!


  1. Good use of community resources...I write a lot grants also. Today I have earned about $8,000 in goodies for my classroom (including a Smartboard)
    P.S. Your daughter remind me of my youngest when she was little. She's now 20 and flat irons out those beautiful curls everyday!

  2. cool!
    I also did not know I could print lettering delights that big! good to know!

  3. Your ideas are so cute and inspiring!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Wow your classroom is wonderful and definitely inspiring! My classroom is under construction so I am planning on paper this summer. I am in dire need of things from home depot but I have NEVER in my 12 years of teaching asked for a donation I have a hard time asking or even writing for a donation. How would I go about writing a letter for a donation any tips?

  5. Where did you find that super cute clipart to place the student's faces on???

  6. Awesome classroom! I can see your dedication and hard work everywhere. The best picture is of your daughter! What a cutie, and love those Shirley Temple curls. Best wishes for a great (Arrrrgh, matey!) year!
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