Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Grade and Ecosystems

I am teaching summer school with 11 first graders and it is such a relaxed setting.  I love the small classes.  We are teaching from a National Geographic series and I just love being able to teach science!  Reading, Writing and Math are such the focal point during the school year that we miss some great opportunities to include some really interesting and fun things.  I am finishing up a weeks’ worth of lessons on the Ecosystem, primarily the Sonoran Desert since that is where we Arizonans live.  I am looking for some more additional ideas that I can purchase from TPT to use during the school year next year.  If anyone knows of teachers who have good ideas, let me know!  I have made up a lot to add as additional resources but could always use more!  Some of my additions include food chains  and habitats.  
My dad happened to send me this picture a few days ago.  It is a Gecko that was stung by a scorpion just before he had a chance to eat it.  Both are dead!  Talk about a rare moment! 

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