Monday, June 6, 2011

Fact Family Fun!

It is very hard to find some fun games for first graders to play while learning their math facts so I made a few to liven up my math centers.  Another teacher I work with has introduced me to the Debbie Diller Math and I am planning to use some of her ideas next year.  The Daily 5 is part of our routine during our Reading Workshops and I am planning to work an extra center to make it my Daily 6.  It is so hard to get everything in during the school day and anything extra unfortunately ends up in the corner.  I love Melissa's enthusiasm for the same thing on her blog F is for first grade.
I would love to use a few of her ideas to map out my time so that my first graders can make use of all the time we have in our very busy day.  Thank you Melissa for sharing!!

Here are a few more math center games I would like to share that my students have really enjoyed this year!

I will try to continue posting more ideas throughout the summer.  I think I will have more time since I may need to stay indoors for a while until they get a handle on the wildfires burning near my home.  I feel for the firefighters camped out at our high school! 

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