Sunday, May 29, 2011

Math Center Games

Math centers are a big hit in my classroom.  My students love the series of math games and the tubs I keep them in.  I use the plastic bins with drawers and labels.  It keeps them well organized and easy to get to.  Here are a few center games that I'd like to share.
 Before I begin to teach addition and subtraction, I make sure my students understand the concepts of place value.  Here is a game that I have for this.  Click the link and enjoy this free download!

Another class favorite is "Ocean Fish Addition and Subtraction."  It is designed for beginners, average, and advanced students.  This can be played with partners or independently.  Students pick 2 blue fish if they are beginners, 1 blue and 1 yellow fish if they are average, and 2 yellow fish if they are advanced.  This game comes with a scoring sheet for both addition and subtraction. 


  1. These games are so cute!! Can't wait to share them with my students, thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love these games. Will be sharing with my Busy Bees! Thanks for sharing!